Success with Serenity,

The European Way

Success with Serenity

One-On-One Coaching For Highly Sensitive Professionals

My mission is to help you achieve Success with Serenity, The European Way! As busy professionals, you are continually running out of time. Competing demands from all areas in your life while navigating your inner dilemmas can feel exhausting. Especially if you think in terms of TIME instead of ENERGY.

My workshops are designed to help you discover who you are at your core and tap into your true potential. I help you clear your mind, maximize your emotional intelligence so you can excel in all areas of your life with PEACE OF MIND!

Life Can Be Your Fairytale. Just Imagine…

You are born into this world with an imagination that has no limit. Just as in the Disney Movies, everything is possible if you imagine it in your mind first. The timeless Disney movies tell a story of human suffering, resilience, and healing across entire generations.

Through a series of in-person workshops, live and on-demand webinars, you will learn what it takes to excel in critical areas of your life. I will share with you the emotional intelligence tools and techniques that you can use in your life. All you have to do is imagine first before you create your new reality.

Unmask Your Potential

Through a two-hour workshop, I will help you transform your limiting belief into possibility and opportunity. Within a group of max 10 participants, each participant will identify one limiting belief that is holding them back. I will provide you with an oriental facial mask to apply on your face. While the facial mask is observing your toxic beliefs, I will show you the new opportunities that lie ahead if you let go. The negative feelings stemming from your mind will disappear as you take off the mask. 

At the end of the workshop, you will get a positive affirmation list you can use at any time anywhere.

Transforming Bullying into Better Behaviors

“According to a report issued by the United Nations in 2018, one third of global youth experience bullying at school”.

Most teenagers lack critical life skills and experience to navigate the triggering processes of their emotions, which results in unhealthy behaviors such as bullying. Behaviors that leave you, their parents, with sleepless nights and no energy to focus on your job, friends, family, fun, and recreation.

Worry no more! Based on my creative methods of using crisis simulations with role play, personality types design, and a hefty dose of humor, your teenage kids will learn to:

  • Recognize and understand the triggering process of their emotions;
  • Learn how to navigate their internal emotional turmoil.
  • Adopt new behaviors that will give THEM and YOU Success with Serenity!

Free eBooks

As a busy professional, time, and energy are precious. You spend your time firefighting, and you are constantly bombarded with information you could care less about.

I understand I am there with you!

That’s why I wrote these EBOOKs that cut through the crap and get straight to the point! I share in an easy to follow step approach how you can excel in all areas of your life with peace of mind!



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